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Mortgage for Foreigners

Buying a second house (with a mortgage) in Turkey is a great decision that will give you a lot of pleasure and joy. Getting to that point is not always easy. Foreigners can face several different procedures and legal obligations. DenizBank is the first Turkish bank giving home loans to foreigners in Turkey. This makes us the most experienced bank and the best partner in making your dream come true. Besides the mortgage we offer a full service in setting up your daily financial life in Turkey. Therefore we can easily say: at DenizBank we finance your dreams.

Benefits of banking with us:

* Friendly English speaking staff (and sometimes also French and German)
* Good credit conditions and competitive rates
* Knowledge of the all the legal obligations, restrictions and procedures applicable for foreigners banking in Turkey
* Beside the mortgage we assist on money transfers local bill payments, local (house and personal) insurances
* Many foreigners already joined the DenizBank success story and are banking with us
* We are the true guidance on your way financing your second house(s) in Turkey

We are looking forward serving you.

* Buying a New House in Turkey
* How to get a Mortgage from DenizBank
* Features of the Loan
* Requested Documentation
* Reciprocity List
* Loan Rates

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