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Türkiye'de Emlak 

Advantages of owning properties in Turkey and Alanya

Alanya is only 3 hours away from the furthest European countries, with its smiling sunshine for 300 days of the year, its long golden beaches, its natural and historical riches, offers all Europan citizens perfect investment and real estate opportunities.

  • with the development of tourism, the interest of European citizens in our country is ever increasing together with the multiplication of the real estate demand. For example, 8.761 Eruopean citizens have acquired real estate in Alanya only.
  • Turkey's negociations to enter the European Union are on their way. After the full mebership has been obtained, the real estate prices will increase considerably. The real estate that has been bought represents also an investment for the future.
  • The legal reliability that is provided for the European Union citizens concerning the real estate investments, is under the Guaranty of the Turkish Government in the framework of international law
  • When comparing Turkey to European standards, life is cheaper and more economical. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year round, at cheap prices.
  • The clients that buy houses from our company rent it during the times when they aren't living there to their relatives, colleagues or to the travel agencies we recommend and obtain a fairly good additional income from their rent.
  • When considering the changes made in countries like Spain and Greece, one can see that the real estate prices have continuously increased during the last 15 years
  • All customers can buy real estate in Turkey. There is little confusion in the preperation of the necessary documents for real estate acquisitions. Toegether with the new legal regulations, a boom of demand has been realized opening the way to foreign investors
  • High quality and safe modern buildings are constructed according to the latest technology and the European Standards
  • In Turkey, communication is possible in many languages such as English, German and Dutch. With the developed telecommunications system, it is possible to make rapid and continuous connection with the rest of the world and watch all satellite stations.
Türkiye'de Emlak
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